Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I dont have a curfew.

Last night, whilst going on my nightly pre letterman walk (actually, this was my pre pre letterman walk, as was only 730pm) my lovely friend Virginia called to see if i wanted to climb jacobs ladder with her. Well, we decided that instead of partacting in more excersise, we would be better off drinking a beer and some plum wine and walking to the hydey to play 40c pool, which is what we did. Pool is a sport though, so technically, we did play sport.

We met two lovely gentlemen who we told our names were Nancy and Charlotte (im Charlotte, although, i prefere to called Charlie). I heard one of these lovely gentleman ask Nancy if he could borrow some money to which she said "Dude, Im playing 40c pool at the hydey, and we are drinking water. I seriously think you have more money than us"


The woman at the bank just said i am an irresponsible spender.

Ill show her irresponsible.

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