Tuesday, July 29, 2008

would you like to smell me and get high?

yesterday, i ran out of petrol.

I ran out of petrol in a classy neigbourhood of bentley, which is where I abandoned my car to walk to the petrol station in the rain. Fortunatly, the bogan's front lawns which my car eventually stopped on was filled with a collection of other cars. i figured one more wouldn't matter.

I dont like walking around with a jerry can. The only disguise i had in the car however, was a brown paper bag from the bottle shop. So, I walked, through the rain, to the petrol station, with my jerry can now disguised as a 4L bottle of sherry.

This was actually not all that bad. I know have a new respect for my blue tights which were previously despised, as they too got wet through, and endured the adventure.

I still smell like petrol. Thats right. I continue to be classy.